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Your Number One Concern Is Growing Your Business

In growing your business you face a number of questions and decisions that affect not only you, but your other stakeholder as well.

  • Are your key people happy or do you risk them departing for “greener pastures?"
  • Do your rank and file employees have good retirement options available?
  • Will the business suffer if a key employee dies or becomes disabled?
  • How and when will you exit the business? Who will take over when you exit?
  • Will you have enough income to support your lifestyle objectives if you retire?

Your BOLD strategy starts with the current state of affairs and ends with your strategy to exit the business. While encompassing a wide range of goals and strategies, BOLD allows you to focus on one area at a time.

About Terry Bork

My Role - "Make Your Life Better"

I have found that what my clients are really interested in is how I can help “Make Their Lives Better". My main job is to provide financial leadership and oversight best accomplished by coaching and educating. It is often a transformational process, navigating through the financial noise, to promote positive change. The desired outcome is for them to be able to “Live the Life They Want Today and in the Future”.

My clients include highly compensated individuals, small business owners, financial institutions, and public companies. Areas of Financial Leadership include: retirement planning, investment management, insurance, executive compensation, business succession and estate planning.

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