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Portfolio Review

Life insurance is the single largest unmanaged asset, and one of the most valuable assets you can own.  We live in a time of rapid change, and it is critical to ensure that your life insurance portfolio has kept pace with those changes.

What has Potentially Changed?

  • Your personal situation resulting in changing insurance needs
  • Tax laws that impact your insurance needs
  • The economic environment, including interest rates and stock market performance
  • Insurance company policy design and pricing

A consultative analysis brings clarity to your life insurance portfolio, providing opportunities to reaffirm, modify or make adjustments.

A Portfolio Review will:

  • Review your current situation to fully understand your needs
  • Clarify provisions and benefits of the existing policies
  • Determine if existing policy structure satisfies your needs
  • Suggest appropriate funding adjustments, where applicable
  • Present alternatives to better meet your needs

In most cases your current portfolio can be improved upon with:

  • Premium reductions
  • Increased death benefits
  • Improved policy provisions and design
  • Better policy guarantees

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